Meeting Venue is the booking platform that will facilitate your search for suitable meeting rooms and/or workshop locations - in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Zagreb. Using our platform and the services we provide you with means you get a chance to experience an efficient, cost-effective and well-organized way of finding a perfect meeting venue.


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With the widest variety of venues in different countries, including Serbia, Croatia, Slovenia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina, that have been chosen with great attention to ensure the best meeting experience for our clients, Meeting Venue is the platform that will change the way you look at organizing meetings and business gatherings. Our network provides you with an efficient manner of finding the most suitable meeting location. Whether you are in need of a boat or an extravagant, contemporary meeting room that offers up-to-date technology features - we will be able to meet your requirements. Enjoy a unique opportunity to Impress your invitees with a groundbreaking and fresh venue for your next meeting - or provide your team with unique meeting space that will alter your company’s view on business meetings and team building activities.

Finding an impressive meeting room or a venue for your upcoming business event that will inspire all the participants has never been quite this simple or efficient. Meeting venues we offer are much more than simple unstimulating and dull rooms. We provide you with spaces that will invigorate and motivate both you and your guests. Do you have to organize a professional event? An important meeting? Or you simply need a perfect venue for your company’s party - we have got you covered. Whether you need a location for a professional event or meeting or a party room for your next celebration, we’ve got you covered!