Meeting Venue - the team of competent professionals who know the best ways to cater to your needs

The team that stands behind Meeting Venue is made up of people who have a clear mission - to change the way people meet. Our diverse and zealous crew has been devoted to improving your meeting experience ever since the first day we entered the business.

Meeting Venue is the booking platform that will facilitate your search for suitable meeting rooms and/or workshop locations - in Ljubljana, Belgrade, Sarajevo, and Zagreb. Using our platform and the services we provide you with means you get a chance to experience an efficient, cost-effective and well-organized way of finding a perfect meeting venue.


We’ll take your specific requirements into account and provide the most suitable meeting venue

Our main mission is to help you forget all about dull and colorless meeting rooms and learn how finding the right venue for your business needs can be an exciting and fun thing to do. Regardless of your company’s niche, Meeting Venue will have a venue for your business gathering right up your street. So whether you are keen on simplicity or you are in need of the most imaginative and creative meeting space one can think of - we will be able to find a tailor-made solution to meet all your requirements. We strive towards altering the traditional aspects of companies’ meetings and creating a more engaging and livelier experience - one that will make you look forward to meetings instead of dreading them.

We currently offer a wide variety of the most functional and stunning spaces to use for your upcoming meetings on our platform. Our offer includes venues that encompass everything from regular hotels to distinctive spaces that will match your specific needs.

Each day, we manage to find brand new and exciting ways to help our clients find perfect venues and enable booking these spaces within minutes. Give us a chance to show you a new and fresh perspective of choosing a meeting space!